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The Way Life Should Be, Maine Stay 2

July 29, 2015

During our trip to Maine, I was especially happy to visit the gallery of one of my favorite ceramicist, Allison Evans. Her work is innovative and gorgeous. She states that the sea inspires her ceramics! The new gallery in Boothbay Harbor is reflective of her simple but elegant design philosophy.   The Marston House in Wiscasset was another favorite of mine. The owners, Paul and Sharon, live above their lovely shop. Paul is an architect and Sharon an antique collector and dealer specializing in 18th and 19th century antique textiles and furnishings. They live half the year in their home in Southern France allowing them to roam for treasure. They state the methodology of their search best, “We know we are “temporary” here, so we are keepers and providers of the moments that make up our life. We hope you will be energized and inspired by our travels and treasures, found accidentally or with intent.” I did not have the opportunity to visit the shop of Betsy Pare, MAINE SHADES, but I did see evidence of her beautiful custom lampshades in the lovely home of our hosts. My eye was drawn to the shades with the maps of the coastal area of Maine. The opportunity to select your own paper and Betsy then turn that into a gorgeous shade that best compliments your lamp is an exciting and unique design exercise.   AND, let’s not forget the Lobster!!!!! I felt a bit like Bubba in Forest Gump. We ate lobster rolls, lobster tacos, lobster quesadillas, lobster salads and steamed lobsters. I did not think I liked lobster until I had fresh Maine lobsters. Not only is it fun to eat them in so many ways , but also to watch as the lobster boats go out and come in with their bounty. We stopped by Red’s Eats one day for a lobster roll. Their menu board states that each roll contains all the meat from 1 lobster and then some. Four people shared the one roll that we purchased and somewhere under the mounds of lobster meat was a perfectly toasted bun. Our taste were awakened discovering as Brillat-Savarin tabulated  the three sensations: (1) direct, on the tongue; (2) complete, when the food passes over the tongue and is swallowed; and most enjoyable of all (3) reflection – that is , judgement passed by the soul on the impressions which have been transmitted to it by the tongue. At last, the  taste of lobster awakened in me and life itself has more flavour , more zest ! Life as it should be, Maine   We went to sea one day, for a short hop over to Small Point to visit friends, only to find that we could not land on the beach. But, what an adventure we had that day. Our captain, my son in law, was great and managed to bring his rather flustered passengers safely back to homeport. Our Maine stay!!!

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