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The Vibrant Colors of Morocco

October 2, 2018

Perched between the Atlantic and the vastness of the Sahara Desert, Morocco offers a mixture of culture, color and natural beauty that makes it one of the world’s most fascinating places to visit. Marrakech is over 1,000 years old and has long enchanted writers, film stars , fashion icons , hippies and rock stars. It is both elegant and rough edged. It is a city of vibrant color and street life. Inside the exotic souks of the Medina is a world brimming with sequined babouches, silken kaftans, multicolored carpets , spices, dyes, pottery and jewelry. The souks of Marrakech are a sensory overload.

In 1924, French artist Jacques Majorelle constructed his largest artwork, the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech and painted garden walls, fountains and villa in this intense shade of blue for which he trademarked the name , majorelle blue. This is a clear , intense , fresh blue .  In 1980, Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Berge purchased the property and restored to its current beauty.  

Morocco does not fail to impress. It is one of the most dramatic , exotic and compelling countries I have visited. It is ancient, mysterious and beautiful. The brilliant colors and patterns are throughout the entire country with focus on beauty in every aspect of the Moroccan peoples lives. 

Color excites, pleases and inspires us. At Pursuit , we take time to carefully choreograph gifts that do the same and welcome guests or friends in a manner that is memorable. The simple , elegant display of color in everyday life in Morocco reminds us that creativity and care of presentation make for exquisite offerings .  



    Nancy S. Thompson says:

    Leah , love you this page! Beautiful photos with the most vibrant colors. It makes we want to be there!

    Nancy S. Thompson says:

    Love this!

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