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The art of the noble handwritten note.

June 26, 2014

I came across a new book by Margaret Shepherd that reminded me of an old post about the lost art form of handwritten notes.  “The Art of the Handwritten note” is an elegant guide that celebrates the beauty and sentimentality of handwritten correspondence, and reminds us how to keep the practice alive. The pleasure of writing on nice paper with an exquisite pen and  conveying thoughts in an enduring way should remain a solid practice in everyone’s life. So , enjoy . !


The fountain pen is not dead, just been forgotten for a long, long time. I love receiving a handwritten note from a friend or family member. It is such a treasure and I never tire of reading these notes. When my children were away at college, I wrote to them several times throughout the year. I think they enjoyed the notes from home , but probably loved them more because they were not bills!


Two places are doing their best to revive the noble art of written correspondence.


Point Plume in Paris is dedicated to writing instruments. Mme. Luce Ridel, the owner, is a pen designer following in her father’s footsteps. Be prepared upon entering this tucked away jewel to step into a grand place where you can try out all sorts of writing instruments.


Louis Vuitton opened Cabinet d’Ecriture pop up store in Paris last December to introduce their patrons to the art of correspondence.The shop is stocked with exquisite writing instruments, exclusive inks, crystal ink stands, stationary, writing sheets and custom made writing trunks. There are rooms to escape the hectic bustle outside and experience a peaceful pause where there are regular encounters with international artists, calligraphers and craftsmen. Writer Ella Maillart remarked, “I wanted to forget that we had inevitably to return home”


I have letters that my father wrote to his uncle as he was leaving the navy and coming home to begin a career. He wrote about his concerns for his growing family and the opportunities for a career. I have loved reading and rereading these letters and sharing with my children. It is a way for them to see their grandfather as a young man and the decisions he faced. Written correspondence was part of everyday life. It must be come a ritual for us in order to become a pattern.


Stimulating our senses is one way to start. Put your favorite tunes on the stereo, place an arrangement of flowers or scented candle on your desk, and prepare to write. I have a friend who collects bottles of ink in different colors. The variety of color is part of the enjoyment of dashing off a note to a friend. Her broad-tip fountain pen squeaking across glossy white paper makes her smile. I am sure the recipients of these lovely notes smile as well. Going to the mailbox gains new excitement!


Indulge yourself and purchase an exquisite fountain pen, ink of a unique color and your favorite paper and begin writing !!!  A great place to browse bespoke stationary is The Printery or the ever classic Mrs. John L. Strong .




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