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Sugar Yourself !!

September 3, 2015 is defined as a sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants and used as a sweetener. When used as a verb it means to make more agreeable or palatable. Some days that is just what I need!!! Crestline village is home to a fantasy world of candy known as SUGAR. This shop evokes childhood memories of rushing into the “dime store” to purchase my most favorite pieces of candy in which to indulge myself as I saw fit on those glorious days when I had actually saved my allowance. Today, I love going into SUGAR to purchase huge balloons with fringe tails and bags of candy to match to deliver to friends and family for all kinds of reasons. Amazing how such a simple gift can bring a delighted smile from children and adults. As Dylan Lauren, of Dylan’s candy bar in NY , once stated, “Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever”. Treat yourself and stop by SUGAR today. You never need a reason to make someone , or yourself , smile. ¬†You will be amazed at how good it makes you feel. We sent bags of candy from SUGAR to my nephew while he was serving in Afghanistan ! It was a package that he and all his buddies looked forward to receiving , and it always brought smiles ! Sugar Yourself today !!!!

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