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Serene Beauty

August 17, 2015

Alvar Aalto was Finland’s foremost architect-designer of the twentieth century. He was involved with projects ranging from town planning and architecture to the design of furniture, lighting, textiles and glassware. He was one of the first and most influential architects of the Scandinavian modern movement.


Aalto advocated the use of natural materials and organic forms, as evidenced in his famous free-form vases and bentwood furniture designs. His legendary glassware includes the world famous Aalto Vase. His vase was first presented at the Paris World Exhibition in 1937. Since its unveiling, the Aalto vase has been an international sensation. Its mysterious shape has been the subject of much speculation; some say that it is based on Aalto’s sketches entitled, “The shape of Eskimo Woman’s Leather Breeches.” Others speculate that the fluid shape might be inspired by the lines of the Finnish landscape or possibly an interpretation of his surname, Aalto, which in Finnish means “wave.” Regardless of its origins, one thing remains indisputable; its serene beauty.


The undulating Aalto vases are masterpieces of design; with a sensual flow and flowing form that seems to mimic the water they hold. Each lead free crystal piece is mouth-blown into a mold and hand polished. The pieces are unique in that the fluid organic shapes beg the end user to decide the use. Thus, opening up one’s imagination and fantasy.


The Aalto vases are created today by littala. Various colors are now available but the design remains true to Alvar Aalto’s original specifications.


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