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Scent of a Woman!

July 28, 2017


CoCo Chanel once said, ” A woman without a scent has no future.” Not sure that I agree with that drastic of a statement, but I do think a scent is part of accessorizing yourself.

Growing up, I loved the lingering trace of my grandmother’s perfume in a room. It made me happy to know that she was close at hand. To this day, when I catch a whiff of Shalimar, I have immediate thoughts of her. That was her scent!

One of the greatest scenes in the movie, Scent of a Woman, was at the end of the movie when a female political science teacher approaches the blind Army officer, Al Pacino, to commend him on his speech before the student body and faculty. He immediately identifies her perfume. This sparks a conversation and leads the viewer to believe that changes will take place in his life. This so fully illustrates the power of a scent.

I once fell in love with a very faddish fragrance. I wore it all the time. People walked behind me to follow the trail of the scent and stopped me continually to inquire what I was wearing. I visited my girls, away at college, and all their friends wanted to know what I was wearing. They all purchased the fragrance. One evening, my girls called and said that they were so homesick because all their friends now wore my fragrance. Every time they caught a whiff of it, they thought I was somewhere near at hand. They missed me and it made them sad that I was not there with them. I loved it!!

I set off to find a new scent while visiting Paris. I entered the hallowed foyer of Guerlain. I tried on several fragrances and finally settled on Samara as my favorite for everyday. I purchased the lotion and the perfume, for the layering is all part of the technique of application in order to add depth and length to the fragrance. For evening, I was torn between my new love, Nuit D’Amour by Guerlain and my long friend, Chanel No.5. Finally I decided that both have their nights.


A perfume wardrobe is one that no lady should be without.


“Perfume may accompany every moment of life, but one doesn’t perfume oneself the same way morning and night. Adapting the intensity of scent in function of one’s mood,desires, and circumstance is a veritable ritual……”


GuerlainHow to wear fragrance”. Take a stroll through the site and get inspired to find your very own scent. It is truly an enjoyable outing. Indulge yourself! Spray your pillowcases, douse your lingerie and most of all love your fragrances.






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