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August 6, 2014

Ateliers Ruby produces jewel like helmets. The overall commitment to design and luxury can be found in every detail, which only add to the quality. The interiors are made of Nappa Lambskin that evoke memories of vintage luxury cars. These could easily be shown as pieces of sculpture at home.

Once ordered, they are delivered in Red Cases worthy of the arrival of the crown jewels. A special moment indeed!!!

Ateliers Ruby’s vision is to create the safest helmets on the planet. Committed to a wealth of details, quality of finish, luxurious feel of the materials, professionalism of the technological choices and an incomparable level of comfort.

Life is the most precious thing that you have! Protect it in style.

Of course if I were going to ride a motorbike, I would don a Ruby helmet and dress myself in one of their leather riding outfits, Chanel take off of course, and hit the road.

Visit Ruby and custom design your own helmet!!!


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