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Memorable Guests

October 9, 2017

“The best moments of a visit are those, which again and again postpone close.” – JEAN PAUL RICHTER


One of the hallmarks of a good hostess is that your guests are sad to depart the home where everything was carefully planned for their comfort and entertainment. As a guest who has been a recipient of such gracious hospitality, I find it nice to send the hostess a gift with a handwritten note in appreciation for such a fine stay.


A thank you note should be prompt and sincere. Handwritten notes on exquisite notecards or stationary convey an elegance well before the note is even read by the recipient. Press charming is a small studio that produces wonderful letterpress notes and stationary with customized monograms. Connor is a new find for Pursuit and offers unique pieces featuring whimsical designs that have been skillfully engraved by Parisian artisans. Both Press Charming and Connor offer bespoke services.


The perfect accompaniment to a note is a thoughtful gift and Pursuit designed a gift box for that very occasion. What better luxury than the gift of time? It is the most luxurious gift one can give to another. In this fast pace world it is nice to have a reason to pause, put on your favorite tunes and enjoy pampering yourself. The Time Box makes a lovely gift for a hostess. It can be sent in place of flowers for any occasion or simply as a treat to a friend or family member. The Pursuit Time Box is the perfect touch to say thank you or congratulations to someone dear.


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