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Exotic Offerings

October 25, 2018



The food and textures of Morocco are as some of the most exotic offerings in the world. 


Moroccan cooking, part Arab and part Berber, is not at all like the food of the Middle East. Its ingredients and cooking styles are unique; no other Arab country has such a rich and varied cuisine. The play of sweet against spicy, and the combinations of meats and fruits recall Persia and Catalonia.


Wandering among the souks – the elaborate spice stalls, the wonderful pickled vegetables, the olives – one senses that the country’s cooks have a deep understanding of how spices should be used to stretch the taste of foods, pushing them to a certain point without destroying their inherent flavors.


Like the food of Morocco, textiles were influenced by native Berbers and Arabs along with Europeans and traveling Jews. The colors, sounds and tastes of Morocco are composites of many different influences. The carpets and the ceramics of each area are very distinctive. The colors and the designs identify where they were created. Regardless of the area though, women make all Moroccan carpets. A fact that I really enjoyed learning.


The presentation of food and textiles is absolutely an art in Morocco. Pursuit strives to present the extraordinary in both the simplest and the most elaborate of our creations. A simple, sincere gift presented to create a memory once the event has passed is our ultimate goal.



    Laura L Aycock says:

    Darling Leah,
    Love, love, love your beautiful posts…your personal descriptions of Morocco make it a feast for the eyes!!!

    Leah Taylor says:

    You are such a dear. Thank you for your sweet note.

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