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Beauty Within

November 16, 2018

The Riads are the traditional Moroccan homes normally built around a central courtyard with a garden and water feature. This inward focus allowed for family privacy and protection. Entrance to the houses encourages reflection because all the rooms open to the central atrium where there are lemon or orange trees and a fountain. The Riad is an escape from the frenzy of the bustling city. Once the elegant doors are opened, a world of magic lies within.


The elegant welcome and the surprise of the luxurious gardens are similar to the feelings that Pursuit strives to offer each recipient of one of our boxes. Whether the box is part of a wedding welcome or simply a special gift for a friend or relative, it evokes a smile and warmth that will keep the memories special.  All are created moments for a pleasant and thoughtful experience, from the time one unties the silk ribbon to the moment one discovers the secret treats that unfold once the pristine tissue is folded back. Small quotes are often added to remind one that these special treasures are given in joy and love.


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