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August 25, 2017

Detail  is defined as an individual feature, fact or item.


We often hear , “the devil is in the detail”, meaning that at first look something may seem simple but will take more time and effort to complete than expected.

Luxury packaging is a prime example of this philosophy for not only is there beauty in the product but beauty in the receipt of the product as well. Hermes iconic orange boxes with the brown ribbon are instantly recognized throughout the world. The Hermes boxes were originally cream colored with a gilded edging imitating the pigskin, then mustard colored with a brown edging. The first orange boxes came after the Second World War , due to a shortage of the original materials. In 1994 , Hermes receive the packaging Oscar for its folding orange boxes.


Louis Vuitton, moving away from their iconic brown,  recently launched its new range of packaging named “Imperial Saffron” . This distinctive color has been specifically selected to create a new visual signature while it has woven itself into Louis Vuitton’s history since a century and a half. The color can be seen on the trunk, Citroen, which was created for an expedition in Africa launched by the French automobile firm in 1924.


From now on, Louis Vuitton packaging will feature the imperial saffron shade highlighted with blue. The combination of the two colors gives a very modern, yet eternal look that is reminiscent of the golden age of travel.


Nothing speaks to classic sophistication like the minimal black and white Chanel packaging. Luxury branding after all is all about simple, subtle and understated.


Apple is an acknowledged master at creating an iconic sensory experience that communicates its brand . That is because Apple makes it packaging as artistic and visually appealing as the device inside. Every part of the packaging is designed to be clean, simple and direct.


In his book, “Inside Apple”, Adam Lashinsky says: “ To fully grasp how seriously Apple executes sweat the small stuff, consider this: For months, a packaging designer was holed up in his room performing the most mundane of tasks – opening boxes.”


Pursuit believes that every opening of a gift or box should provide a luxurious experience for the beholder. The sensory association is then reinforced by what is inside the box : something elegantly presented.


Time is a luxury in our fast paced world of instantaneous gratification. Pursuit ‘s philosophy revolves around simple but elegant gifts given with warm and thankful hearts. Thus, the launch of our “Time” box. What better gift to give than the gift of time. This box creates a relaxing experience for a dear friend. Light the subtle candle, prepare and enjoy the botanical steam for the face, follow with a cozy cup of chamomile tea and nod off for a nap with a silk sleep mask. Truly a gift .


After all, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise, it is not luxury.”

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