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Cocktail Hour !

August 15, 2014

It is Friday evening and time to unwind and indulge in your favorite cocktail with company or just family. A Hendricks’s gin martini on the rocks served in a crystal highball is my choice. When I sit on the sofa to enjoy conversation and discuss the week in review, I want a stunning table on which to place this libation. The Highline side table in the Holly Hunt collection is my favorite. I love the…


Objects of Desire !

August 6, 2014

Ateliers Ruby produces jewel like helmets. The overall commitment to design and luxury can be found in every detail, which only add to the quality. The interiors are made of Nappa Lambskin that evoke memories of vintage luxury cars. These could easily be shown as pieces of sculpture at home. Once ordered, they are delivered in Red Cases worthy of the arrival of the crown jewels. A special moment indeed!!! Ateliers Ruby’s vision is to…