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The art of the noble handwritten note.

June 26, 2014

I came across a new book by Margaret Shepherd that reminded me of an old post about the lost art form of handwritten notes.  "The Art of the Handwritten note" is an elegant guide that celebrates the beauty and sentimentality of handwritten correspondence, and reminds us how to keep the practice alive. The pleasure of writing on nice paper with an exquisite pen and  conveying thoughts in an enduring way should remain a solid practice…


Surfs up

June 20, 2014

  Ehitu Keeling photographed CJ Kahuna as he sculpts solid wood Hawaiian style surfboards. These boards are from the native Hawaiian Acacia Koa trees. I came across CJ Kahuna through  The Surfer's Journal, a fabulous publication with gorgeous photographs. CJ is a professional surfer who has returned to the art of the classic surfboards. To the educated collectors, these vehicles are sublime interpretations of the creative spirit of their times. The curves and muscles of the…